Drawn, an online exhibition

My new online exhibition of travel drawings is available through Earls Court Gallery until June 30. You can see more here:

Sunnyside Pavilion, Toronto 10″ X 13″ Pen and ink with white charcoal on toned paper.


  • Marilyn Cronk

    Hello Aleda, hope all is going well with you folks. Everything is lush and green and we’ve been planting like mad. Actually on the dry side but that is about to change. Love your exhibit, you’ve been a busy gal. I may have told you last time we chatted that Tam has sold her business, Dragonfly Art Supplies. Joan Ingalls has set up the business at her home on the outskirts of Grand Harbour. Haven’t been there yet. Hopefully this third covid “wave” will move on quickly. Not good. We both got our first jabs last week. Very hard to make any kind of plans re travel. May get to St. Andrew’s one of these days Almost three years since we left for Iceland. Sigh…. Take care, tell Barry we have had lots of hawks, big and small and three turkey vultures hanging around. xo


  • I just love your work Aleda. Thank you for keeping me in the loop šŸ™ Much love.šŸ’—


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  • Aleda…lovely show. I particularly loved the Quebec ones and that damned fountain in the Sunnyside Pavilion.
    Susan P

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  • Congratulations, Aleda. Wish I could see the show in person. Best wishes for an exciting event. Love, Mary

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