I walk with a friend most weekday mornings. Over the past several years it’s been impossible to ignore the encampments we pass in parks and natural areas. There are many reasons why someone might be living rough – sometimes shelters don’t feel like safe places, especially if you are LGBTQ2+. There are no shelters if you are a male/female couple. And there are no shelters that accept pets. Although many community groups and government agencies are trying to confront the complex issues that lead to this situation in Canada, people continue to suffer.

Shelter 11, Mixed Media on Paper

The exhibition of my new mixed media drawings, SHELTER, will hang at Earls Court Gallery, 215 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton, Ontario from Saturday, May 20 – Saturday, May 27, 2023. Earls Court is not taking commission, so I can donate everything to Wesley, a long standing non-profit that is working to address the root causes of homelessness through outreach and innovative supportive housing programs. For more information about Wesley, visit

Each unframed, 18 x 24” drawing is available for $300, no tax.

I’ll be at the gallery on Saturday May 20 and Saturday May 27, and from Tuesday to Friday during the week. Jennifer Baillie-Rouse, Senior Development Officer at Wesley will join me from 1-3 pm both Saturdays to discuss Wesley’s work in the community. The gallery is closed on Mondays.

Please contact me directly if you’re interested in supporting this venture by purchasing one of the drawings. 

I hope that you’ll help make this project a success. Many thanks!


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